Oramed Technology

Oramed's POD(Protein Oral Delivery) technology is capable of significantly enhancing the absorption of peptides and proteins across the intestinal wall when delivered orally without modifying the active compounds. POD technology is based on incorporating several components or adjuvants consisting entirely of registered pharmacopoeial or GRAS excipients with a long history of pharmaceutical use in the formulation.

These adjuvants are intended to protect the active peptide or protein while in transit through the harsh chemical environment of the gastrointestinal tract and promote its transport across the intestinal wall and into the general blood circulation once it has reached an absorptive surface. The precise choice of adjuvants and their composition stoichiometry in relation to the active component and to each other in the formulation, forms the basis of this novel technology and its intellectual property estate.

For a more in-depth description of Oramed's POD technology, please click here.

Oramed Technology Animation - Overcoming the Challenges of Oral Protein Delivery

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